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6837RE: [TalkAntietam] Hill's Light Division march

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  • Thomas G. Clemens
    Jun 25, 2012
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      From my research, i think this is overblown. If they are coming up in rear of their own troops how would they avoid getting shot by their own people? I have seen a quote from a guy Gen. Hill told to take off the jacket before someone shot him. Much of the Union sources for this come from 16th CT guys trying to justify the disaster that happened to them.
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      My understanding from reading sources is, quite a bit. You might want to check the article on Jackson's operations at Harpers Ferry in the Battles and Leaders, vol II, by H K Douglas.

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      Was wondering if anyone has any information or can point me towards
      information on what and how much Federal clothing and equipment Hill's
      men were wearing on their march to Sharpsburg after capturing Harpers Ferry.


      Brett Bondurant

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