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  • MikeL49NYVI@aol.com
    Jun 2, 2012
      Just for the sake of an interesting discussion:

      True, McCellan did revitalize the army, however, the 2nd and the 6th
      Corps had not been beaten at 2nd Bull Run. In fact Mac's slowness in sending
      them to Pope (in defiance of orders) could have been taken as
      insubordination or even traitorous.
      So, it was not the entire army that was beaten down.
      He was given the opportunity of a lifetime when Lee's orders were
      discovered. Yet he moved at his own pace and allowed Harpers Ferry to be
      taken, and for Lee to concentrate at Sharpsburg. 70 miles in 13 days comes out
      to about 5-1/2 miles a day. They could not have been mistaken for Jackson's
      "Foot Cavalry" at that rate.

      Once he got to Sharpsburg, he wasted an entire day, sitting there, and
      then telegraphed his punch by having the 1st and 12 corps move into
      position the night before the battle. Lee and Stonewall knew exactly where to
      concentrate their brigades.

      He allowed Burnside to have a childish tantrum, which made for a very
      awkward chain of command, and a delay in getting orders acted upon.

      He never left the Pry House yard to see what was actually going on
      during the battle, and had the entire 5th corps and most of the 6th sit there,
      and do nothing when the fight hung in the balance.

      And to be frank, he really didn't "drive" Lee off the battlefield.
      The Confederates sat there the next day, almost daring Mac to attack again.
      They then left that night, when they were good and ready to leave.

      From my humble perspective and that of many contemporaries, historians
      and authors I'd say these are issues that invite the need for a defense.

      Mike Lavis

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      tgclemens@... writes:

      McClellan took a a beaten, dispirited and demoralized force, in three days
      had it ready to take the field. From Sept. 6 to Sept. 19 he marched that
      army 70 miles, fought two battles where he drove Lee's army from the field,
      forcing him to retreat night from one of them. Why would he need
      defending????? Name me another commander who did that.
      Tom Clemens

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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] A/SM visit follow up

      Hello All, Thanks for the helpful replies! Some scatter shot responses - I
      have some familiarity with the Maryland Campaign, having read several
      accounts of varying detail, most recently the Hoptak book on South Mountain.
      What do you folks think of his defense of McClellan? Is it controversial
      among buffs? The standard accounts always put the blame for not destroying
      Lee's Army on McC.The Priest book focusing on soldiers memoirs at Antietam is a
      favorite. Just received the Rafuse battlefield guide, have not looked at
      it yet. Not familiar with "Taken At the Flood" - is it a book? Has anyone
      used the Civil War Trails map to visit the historical markers? I was
      considering the AT for exploring South Mt., 45 min each way is no problem, a few
      hours to reach Crampton's Gap perhaps...is the South Mt. Inn in the same
      structure or the same site as the oft-mentioned Mountain House? If I hire a
      guide, how far in advance do I need to arrange it? What are the going rates?
      Am plan ning to v
      isit next Thursday & Friday and as a general approach plan to stay close
      to a chronological order if feasible. Again, thanks for the help, Chris

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