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  • G E Mayers
    May 31 9:57 PM
      Taken at the Flood is a book. Priest's books are good but have flaws in them....

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      Hello All, Thanks for the helpful replies! Some scatter shot responses - I have some familiarity with the Maryland Campaign, having read several accounts of varying detail, most recently the Hoptak book on South Mountain. What do you folks think of his defense of McClellan? Is it controversial among buffs? The standard accounts always put the blame for not destroying Lee's Army on McC.The Priest book focusing on soldiers memoirs at Antietam is a favorite. Just received the Rafuse battlefield guide, have not looked at it yet. Not familiar with "Taken At the Flood" - is it a book? Has anyone used the Civil War Trails map to visit the historical markers? I was considering the AT for exploring South Mt., 45 min each way is no problem, a few hours to reach Crampton's Gap perhaps...is the South Mt. Inn in the same structure or the same site as the oft-mentioned Mountain House? If I hire a guide, how far in advance do I need to arrange it? What are the going rates? Am planning to visit next Thursday & Friday and as a general approach plan to stay close to a chronological order if feasible. Again, thanks for the help, Chris

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