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  • Michael C. Hardy
    May 2, 2001
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      Greetings Folks! Just signed up for what I hope is a long term of
      service. My interest in the east is the Branch/Lane brigade.
      Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be finishing my manuscript on
      the 37th NCT (of the Branch/Lane brigade) and am seriously
      considering a bio of James H. Lane as my next "little" project. I'm
      also a long term living historian/reenactor (18+ years), but really
      only do western. Also, as of last Saturday, I can now claim to be a
      "dad." I'm sure that Nathaniel Harrison Hardy and myself will be
      spending more than a few late night hours in front of the monitor
      reading post.

      Your servant,
      Michael C. Hardy
      Boone, NC
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