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6697RE: [TalkAntietam] Antietam to be re-enacted twice in Sept 2012

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  • G E Mayers
    Dec 9, 2011

      Great points all told in your response! Thanks for checking in with Chris. My living history organization (Civil War Heritage Foundation) members may go with the mainstream one (the one for September 14-16) as I sent to some of the members who live locally near me (greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley PA metro areas) information on it. This small group, which all belongs to CWHF, comprise Longstreet's HQ in the field.

      I do not think the members could do both events back to back, so we will have to see what Chris sends in the way of information etc.

      As to the reason many reenactors do not make the oft-termed "mega" events, I think you hit it on the head re the economy. People like yourselves (and people like me who changed jobs and could only find part time work) have larger problems with finances etc so the availability of being able to attend longer events is not there.

      Feel free to contact me directly on my regular email in the future re MMM rather than through the Talk Antietam board to save bandwidth.

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      A Yankee by Birth but a Rebel by Choice!

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      Sure thing, I'll mention it to him when he responds to my last e-mail.
      I might even get down there (I live near Buffalo, NY) this weekend to look
      at the event site.

      Our event is the weekend after Labor Day, Sept 8-9th. Labor Day is on
      the 3rd next year, a lot get confused by that.

      MMM stands for Maryland My Maryland much easier to just use MMM each
      time. Plus we are doing some of South Mountain as well as Antietam.

      The actual numbers of reenactors has been a topic of discussion and
      debate for a few years now. At the Blue Gray Alliance meeting in St. Louis
      last January the subject came up once again.

      The general consensus there, considering the numbers at national,
      regional, and local events, plus the economy, was estimated at about 12000 for
      the Civil War all told.
      Now, there is no way to know for sure, but here is some food for thought:

      Most of the current Blue Gray Alliance leadership was around for much of
      the 125th cycle of events that started the major reenacting push. Gettysburg
      (of course) was the focal point. At the 125th GB, there was, for the first
      time, 10,000 reenactors in attendance.
      If memory serves, that mark was not hit again until the 130th
      Gettysburg, and the influx of new members that was spurred on by the Ken Burns
      series, and the movie "Glory" which happened about the same time.
      The reenacting hobby grew steadily, until the 135th Antietam, which saw
      close to 15,000, and the 135th Gettysburg that had close to 30,000 reenactors.

      Those were the high points, but getting 3000-5000 at events like Cedar
      Creek, Franklin, and others was a common occurrence for the next few years.

      At the afore mentioned St. Louis meeting, we all agreed that last year's
      1st Manassas would be a good indication of how large the hobby actually was
      anymore, since nearly every large organization was gong to be there, east
      and west.
      That event started out advertising 15,000 would be there, and they were
      going to cut if off at that number.
      But as registrations didn't pour in, that number was reduced to 12,000
      cut-off. And realistically the site was too small for even that number.

      However, the number of registered came in something like 8000. I do not
      have the exact figure, but that is what I was told, and the returns from
      the morning reports on Sat. were close to that. I got that 2nd hand from the
      commander of our brigade. But looking at the field, and comparing the
      numbers from our battalion, to the size of the others, it is a very reasonable

      Also organizations that used to have 200-300 in their regiments now
      only regularly bring close to 120 for the major events, and this is general
      all across the country.

      So, the actual results from the 1st large 150th anniversary event seem to
      bear out the 12000 estimate. It could be a bit higher, people are unable to
      travel across the country like they used to, and many (like me) have lost
      their jobs, so the money and vacation time is no longer there. But then
      again if these others are not making the long trips anymore, then they will not
      be at the main 150th events anyway, so the 12000 number still seems to fit.

      Sorry to go on so long, but there is no simple way to explain what many
      think is the condition of the hobby anymore. It is a good discussion, and I'd
      like to hear why others think it is much higher.

      Mike L

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      I saw in the newspaper article the mention of Chris;s event but the story
      was incomplete. Is Chris's event the weekend before? If so, it could be
      Labor Day weekend (possibly).

      What is MMM?

      BTW I did contact Chris directly as per your earlier suggestion but have
      not yet heard back from him either way. Can you check in with him and ask
      him to respond soon to my note? I ask because I will need to submit the
      information on the event to my Civil War4 Heritage Foundation living history
      group for their 2012 schedule for insurance coverage.

      Thanks for the information; as to your comment on the CW reenacting
      community not being as large, that might be debatable. What can be agreed upon is
      the growth in smaller, more regional events than were happening ten to
      fifteen years ago.

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      A Yankee by Birth but a Rebel by Choice!

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      It is interesting, isn't it?

      In watching the video, I am amused to hear claims of "thousands of
      reenactors" at these events. The hobby just is simply not that large
      Plus the 2nd one which involves some of the people that put on the yearly
      Gettysburg event, is going to be the same weekend that the NPS is planning
      on their observance of the battle. In fact there is going to be 3
      observances of the anniversary of the battle.

      I know of some who have committed to the NPS event, and a few will go
      to the first reenactment, (Maryland My Maryland) and stay around for the
      NPS. I also know of 5 large Federal reenactment organizations, plus
      some parts of others, that will be at MMM. Not to mention the CSA forces
      that have committed to it.

      And, a few weeks afterwards, there is the 150th Vicksburg Campaign in
      Mississippi, which most of the western groups will be supporting. Plus the
      150th Perryville is the first week in October..............................

      So all the potential forces that have been at the larger Antietam
      reenactments in years past are splitting up, or are just not reenacting
      the Civil
      War any longer. There will not be "thousands of reenactors" at any of
      these. We could very well get over 2000 for MMM but that will be the
      largest of
      the three.

      But this is not so unusal, there are actually two Shiloh events this
      March/April, both on the same weekend, and just down the road from each

      Yep, it is certainly interesting, and a bit amusing.
      Mike Lavis

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      Two re-enactments of Battle of Antietam are planned — on back-to-back
      weekends in September 2012.

      Read the story at:


      Tom Shay

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