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6694Re: [TalkAntietam] Antietam to be re-enacted twice in Sept 2012

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  • MikeL49NYVI@aol.com
    Dec 8, 2011
      It is interesting, isn't it?

      In watching the video, I am amused to hear claims of "thousands of
      reenactors" at these events. The hobby just is simply not that large anymore.
      Plus the 2nd one which involves some of the people that put on the yearly
      Gettysburg event, is going to be the same weekend that the NPS is planning
      on their observance of the battle. In fact there is going to be 3
      observances of the anniversary of the battle.

      I know of some who have committed to the NPS event, and a few will go
      to the first reenactment, (Maryland My Maryland) and stay around for the
      NPS. I also know of 5 large Federal reenactment organizations, plus possibly
      some parts of others, that will be at MMM. Not to mention the CSA forces
      that have committed to it.

      And, a few weeks afterwards, there is the 150th Vicksburg Campaign in
      Mississippi, which most of the western groups will be supporting. Plus the
      150th Perryville is the first week in October..............................

      So all the potential forces that have been at the larger Antietam
      reenactments in years past are splitting up, or are just not reenacting the Civil
      War any longer. There will not be "thousands of reenactors" at any of
      these. We could very well get over 2000 for MMM but that will be the largest of
      the three.

      But this is not so unusal, there are actually two Shiloh events this
      March/April, both on the same weekend, and just down the road from each other.

      Yep, it is certainly interesting, and a bit amusing.
      Mike Lavis

      In a message dated 12/8/2011 11:54:17 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      RoteBaron@... writes:

      Two re-enactments of Battle of Antietam are planned — on back-to-back
      weekends in September 2012.

      Read the story at:


      Tom Shay

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