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6629New Half Hour Movie at Antietam National Battlefield

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  • Jim Rosebrock
    Aug 6, 2011

      Antietam National Battlefield has replaced the old "Lincoln's Antietam Visit" with an up to date 30-minute version of the battlefield overview similar to the one-hour movie at noon.  It is a vast improvement and started running last week.  For more details, check out my post at South From the North Woods.


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      Two episodes are online at:


      Tom Shay

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      There were 10 episodes, and I think the host said the Otto house was the
      last one, they were downloaded directly from their website. Worst comes
      to worst, let me know and I'll burn and mail them all to you. My wife
      really likes the houses and the civilian stories, she's working on a
      genealogy of the Clipps now, of the Clipp house fame, it's an ongoing
      project to prove how large the Clipp house was during the battle. Long


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