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655Re: [TalkAntietam] Carman

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  • NJ Rebel
    Apr 15, 2002
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      Tom writes:
      <snip>> Beyond a slight depression in the ridge, which was held
      by the 29th
      > Massachusetts...were drawn up the 63rd and 88th New York. The
      63rd was on the
      > right and received several deadly volleys without replying, by
      which it was
      > greatly thinned. The charge it was ordered to make by Meagher
      failed, owing
      > to its heavy losses the first few minutes. The men began firing
      with round
      > ball and buckshot, the brigade being armed with smooth bores,
      and an officer
      > states that "it was give and take until ammunition ran out."<

      I will comment further at a later time on the entire post but I
      wanted to mention something I just learned this weekend about
      smoothbore buck and ball loads and how the load acted when
      discharged from the M1842 Springfield.

      The new Second Sergeant of my reeenacting company recently had
      the opportunity to live fire his M1842 reproduction at a target
      range in a controlled situation. He found the main ball, the .69
      calibre one, went straight and took out the heart area of the
      Union dummy target. The buckshot portion of the buck and ball
      load, fanned out and hit the dummy targets to the left and right
      of the target where the .69 calibre round had hit.

      As to the position of the IB at the Sunken Road, I think you and
      I might have to walk the ground and try to plot the positions as
      you indicated in the entire post.

      It would be interesting to see what documentary evidence the
      rangers can put together to refute the Bilby/O'Neil viewpoint.

      Your humble servant,
      Gerry Mayers
      Co. B, "Tom Green Rifles",
      Fourth Regiment, Texas Volunteer Infantry

      A Proud American by Birth, Southern by Choice!

      "I know of no fitter resting-place for a soldier than the field
      on which he has nobly laid down his life." --General Robert
      Edward Lee
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