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6514RE: [TalkAntietam] Limekiln Road

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  • Thomas G. Clemens
    Jan 23, 2011
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      I haven't looked at it in so long I would be hard pressed to tell you off-hand. They certainly tangled with Confederate pickets somewhere near the Furnace bridge, but how they arrived there is unclear to me. Too busy working on Vol. II to go back right now.
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      Thanks for that update Tom--were you on a scouting mission for your vol. 2?

      Is it your belief that the escape column used that road? I plan on driving the
      area in March--or earlier weather and time permitting. Carman I recall believed
      that was the road but he also questioned whether the column actually went over
      Middle Bridge vice Lower Bridge. I think the road network then could have
      allowed the column to go further north then over the future Burnside Bridge as
      only once account suggested. The majority of the accouts point to the Antietam
      Furnace Bridge.


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      I just drove it last Sunday, parts of it are distinctly one lane, and yes,
      dirt. The road network there has changed since 1862 for sure. John Frye tells
      me the HF road from Samples Manor to Nick Road did not exist, and Nick Road was
      a through road, not bifurcated as it is today.

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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] Limekiln Road

      Has any driven Limekiln Road which shortcuts today's Harpers Ferry Road from
      near Dargan north along the Potomac to the Antietam Bridge at the Furnace?

      I think it is basically a one-lane road--is it paved?

      My theory based on maps of that era and participant accounts is that road is the
      one the HF cavalry escape column took on 14 Sept. 1862 to get to Sharpsburg.

      Thank you.


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