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6492Cox vs. Duane

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  • Thomas G. Clemens
    Jan 5, 2011
      Hi folks,
      I am posing a qustion that may be of interest to some of you. As many know, Jacob Cox seems to know a heckuva lot more about what is going on when he wrote his personal memoirs than he did when he wrote his after action report. No surprise there, a lot of officers do that. But, and here is the question, in his AAR he states that Burnsides' staff led the divisions of the IX Corps to their intended positions on Sept. 16. Yet in his memoir he implies that it was Capt. Duane, Chief Engineer of the AoP who did so, suggesting that it was Duane, representing McClellan, who did the recon for this. Any thoughts on whether Cox is shifting responsibility in his memoirs or is telling the truth?
      Thank you.
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