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6433Re: Information on Firearms Used by Regiments at Antietam

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  • Brian D
    Oct 28, 2010
      Hi Tom, Jim,

      I've tried to collect some of the data about small arms by regiment on AotW as I've found it. It's been very hit or miss. I share your regret that there is no clean, single source. I see material in Regimentals, correspondence, state Histories and the like from time to time. Joe Bilby helped me with info about the 4th New Jersey Infantry, for example, here: http://antietam.aotw.org/officers.php?unit_id=377

      Thanks to Johnson & Anderson's Artillery Hell, I have been able to cross artillery to units fairly completely on the website (I think). If that's of interest, you can start here: http://antietam.aotw.org/weapons.php?weapon_id=all

      If anyone does well-documented research in this area, I'd be very happy to put the results on AotW - for sure.


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      > No problem Jim. I have all the volumes of those books. If someone is curious about a specific regiment I will be happy to look up and share what I know. I will not do whole brigades are divisions for someone, just for the sake of my time. Might a good project for Brian to track on the AotW site and add as we go along????
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      > Subject: RE: [TalkAntietam] Information on Firearms Used by Regiments at
      > Antietam
      > Not really. Record keeping was just getting organized at the federal level.
      > Years ago I searched the Ordnance returns for some artillery, and nothing
      > existed before last quarter of 1862. And this was a US Regular battery! Fred
      > Todd's U.S. Military Equipage has some info, and you can go through and pull out
      > some general information.
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      > To: TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com<mailto:TalkAntietam%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: [TalkAntietam] Information on Firearms Used by Regiments at Antietam
      > Does anyone know if there is a standard reference or references where I could go
      > to see how the different regiments at Antietam were armed (ie Model 1861
      > Springfield, Enfield, smoothbore, etc.
      > Thanks
      > Jim

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