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6391Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Regimental numbers during the Maryland Campaign

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  • G E Mayers
    Oct 8, 2010
      Dear Larry,

      The way I understand Veteran, Trained, Green is as follows:

      Veteran = Trained and Engaged in at least one to two campaigns and/or battles;

      Trained = Unit has been through a Camp of Instruction (complete cycle) but has yet to fight a battle or engage in a campaign;

      Green = Barely trained (if at all!) and maybe less than 3 weeks in a Camp of Instruction.

      An excellent example of the "Green" category would be the hapless Sixteenth Connecticut, which was basically obliterated by the veterans of (IIRC) Maxcy Gregg's brigade of A P Hill's Light Division down on the Ninth Corps section of the field, as that Union Corps was advancing into Sharpsburg environs from the SW.

      Crack troops might be, for example, A P Hill's Light Division; the same division could also be Elite troops. No idea what Miers meant by the two.

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      To Be A Virginian, either by birth, marriage, adoption, or even on one's mother's side, is an introduction to any state in the Union, a passport to any foreign country, and a benediction from the Almighty God. --Anonymous
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      > Tom Shay,
      > Sid never replied. Tom Clemens does not know if Dr. Harsh gave Sid the numbers but may have, but the ratings are a product of Sid's for his game.
      > Miers has troop quality as follows: Crack, Elite, Veteran, Trained, and Green. I don't understand the difference between "Crack" and "Elite." I can guess at the other 3. I wonder if Miers explained the differences?
      > Larry
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      >> Will do.
      >> Larry
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      >> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Larry,
      >> >
      >> > If you get a reply from Sid, please share it with us.
      >> >
      >> > Tom Shay
      >> >
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      >> > Subject: [TalkAntietam] Re: Regimental numbers during the
      >> Maryland Campaign
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      >> >
      >> > Thanks, Tom--maybe I'll send an e-mail to ask about his numbers.
      >> >
      >> > Larry
      >> >
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      >> > wrote:
      >> > >
      >> > > Larry,
      >> > >
      >> > > Sid Meier is Director of Creative Development for Firaxis.
      >> > > Here is the info: http://www.firaxis.com/company/bios.php?
      >> bioid=56 I enjoyed Sid's Antietam PC game. Admittedly it was excessively
      >> > detailed, but that made playing it a fun experience. I found a website with the free add-on for the South Mountain battles and also enjoyed those. For more detailed simulations, I go with Dean Essig's boardgames (such as Shiloh, Antietam, Seven Days). Certainly they take time to learn, but they reward me with a great historical simulation.
      >> > >
      >> > > Tom Shay
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