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6341Re: [TalkAntietam] Trip Report from Sept 17: more notes

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  • Ian Workman
    Sep 21, 2010
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      I thought that at the time of the battle the stream basin was very shallow.
      Isn't that why they redid the banks and dug out the stream there in the post
      war years or am I wrong? That stream is pretty low right now and you can't
      even take a comfortable canoe ride down it. I am anxiously awaiting more
      rain in the fall.

      Ian Workman

      On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 1:38 PM, <RoteBaron@...> wrote:

      > Some additional notes from September 17th's hikes:
      > 1) While at Burnside's Bridge, we discussed how difficult it was to walk
      > across the creek. Ranger Brian Baracz was dressed in a Union unform and
      > provided us with a demonstration. Fom the Union side, he descended into the
      > creek and waded his way across at a decent speed. As Ranger Keith Snyder
      > attested, the most diffcult part is getting up the bank on the far side.
      > Sure enough, Brian appeared to have this problem, but found a suitable spot
      > by going upstream about 30 feet. I have video on my camera of this crossing
      > and will post it later. It should be noted that the lack of rain surely has
      > kept the creek at a lower level this month than in 1862.
      > 2) While at the Miller Farm, it was noted that the famous photo of the farm
      > was likely taken by Brady/Gardner team. The ranger made this seem like
      > recent news. Was someone else given credit for the photo until now?
      > FYI...they are in Year #2 of a 6-year plan to restore the farmhouse.
      > 3) While in The Cornfield, a member of NPS resources staff gave us a nice
      > review of the tree-replanting efforts underway. They expect a certain
      > percentage of losses to occur during such plantings, but we saw great
      > progress in the East Woods restoration. While along Otto Lane (south end of
      > battlefield), the same person explained the tree-cutting efforts being done
      > along the ridgetop east of Otto Lane to restore the historic viewshed.
      > 4) While at Snavely's Ford, I inquired about the stone wall which 50th GA
      > defended near there. Keith suggested that it could be more easily searched
      > for in winter. Anyone ever find it? How much is left?
      > Tom Shay
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