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6335Re: [TalkAntietam] Trip Report from Sept 17 full-day hike (Tom Shay)

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  • Jim Rosebrock
    Sep 18, 2010
      Tom, Nice to finally meet you this weekend. These were certainly some great
      tours presented by some of the foremost experts out there-the Antietam park

      Jim Rosebrock

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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] Trip Report from Sept 17 full-day hike (Tom Shay)

      At 8 AM on September 17th, I arrived at Antietam. To kick off the full-day
      hike, we began in the VC's auditorium at 9 AM. A great PowerPoint slide show
      provided scenes that focused on this year's theme of commemoration. Ranger Keith
      Snyder then addressed our group (about 140 people) with a review of the park's
      history. Then it was off to a 4 hour morning hike with Keith Snyder, Brian
      Baracz, and John Hoptak. Is there any better way to spend the anniversary?

      Mannie Gentile took a group photo, then we headed west to the Alfred
      Poffenberger/Mary Locher Farm. Disputes in how to name this farm resulted in
      humorous suggestion of PoffenLocher. The park's resources staff provided us
      with a great history of the cabin and their process of restoring the homestead.
      We were then treated to the public's first entry into the cabin, of which I was
      the first to enter! The staff were superb in offering a review of their work to
      restore the cabin. They noted that they recently become aware of a sketch that
      shows the Locher farmstead during the battle. It will be featured in a new book
      about the Antietam farms due out this weekend. The rangers had a large
      flatscreen TV set up in the cabin's northern room that was showing the sketch.

      Next we reviewed the Stonewall Division's action, then headed for the Miller
      Farm. Park Resources staff gave us an overview of the restoration efforts at the
      Miller farm. They are in year #2 of a 6 year project.

      For the afternoon hike, we met at the Rohrbach Campground Lot and hiked to the
      bridge. Crossing the bridge, we hiked down to Snavely's Ford. From there, we
      headed north to Otto Farm Lane, then headed west. In tracing the route of the
      9th NY, we were treated to a great surprise as we were granted permission to
      walk across private land in following the 9th NY's route to their monument.

      I'll follow up this post with some additional notes and a few questions.

      Tom Shay

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