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6224Washington Confederate Cemetery

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  • Stephen
    Apr 2, 2010
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      Hi Folks.

      I am interested in finding the burial site of James (or Henry) Madison Watkins, Co. D, 11th VA Cav. DOW, 7/6/63 in Hagerstown. Initially buried in the Washington County Almshouse cemetery under "H. Watkins - Ashby VA Cavalry".

      The rebs buried there were reburied at Rose Hill. However, I cannot find his name on the WILHBR roster. This means he was taken home (not likely) later, or his wooden grave marker faded away, and he is buried as an unknown.

      Does anyone know how good the records of reburial were, so that if I wanted to go to the area at the Cemetery where those who were reburied from the Almshouse would be located? Also, where is the best place to access those records?

      Steve Bockmiller