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62Re: [TalkAntietam] 2nd MD (US) Question (was: thanks)

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  • Mark Smith
    May 1, 2001
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      Brian Downey wrote:
      > > PLEASE stop talking about the other group...<snip>
      > It's a done deal. For Jim and others: don't worry, this subj is
      > dead.


      > Anybody know about the 2nd MD (US) specifically, or whether this kind
      > of thing was likely? Sounds a little fanciful to me, but then that
      > day must have been a nightmare for lots of men.


      In _ The Maryland Campaign of 1862 and Its Aftermath _ B. Keith Toney
      writes the 150 men of 2nd Md Inf with their commander Col. Jacob Duryea
      and 150 men of the 6th New Hampshire were given the unenviable task of
      carrying the Rohrbach Bridge. Between the galling fire from the
      Georgians on the heights across from the bridge, the lack of support,
      and confusion all along the line of attack, the Marylanders lost 1/3 of
      their force to KIA or WIA. "The head of the column made it to within 250
      feet of the bridge before the men broke and began scrambling for
      whatever cover they could find. Eventually the regiment reformed on the
      plowed hill near the spot where it had begun its charge. it remained
      there trading long range shots with the Confederates, until its men ran
      out of ammunition." So, IMO, I would say it was quite possible your
      inquirer's story has some validity. Hope this helps.

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