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6159Hagerstown illustrations

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  • jeffcowvplanning
    Feb 21, 2010
      Hello again...

      I am working on a book on behalf of the City of Hagerstown (my employer). It is an Arcadia photo/illustration history of Hagerstown in the Civil War.

      If anyone has any Hagerstown photos/illustrations they would care to share, please contact me. Looking specifically for period or soon post war town scenes of Hagerstown, portraits of important Hagerstonians, significant artifacts....anything that has a direct connection to Hagerstown in the Civil War. Specifically looking for a period image of Judge Richard Alvey (Hagerstown judge who became a guest of the Lincoln Administration at Forts McHenry, Warren and Lafayette). The only ones I am aware of are from the turn of the century.

      There are more images out there than you would think. Already have an inventory of about 210 images. Want to compile a thorough inventory before determining which to use. The book will have about 180 images in it.

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