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6089Re: re Infantry support for Captain Millers battery in Piper Orchard

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  • joseph_pierro
    Jan 14, 2010

      I'm not sure EXACTLY what section of the Carman mss. you're looking at (can you quote a line, so I can word-search it?), but my sense of that passage is that Carman is using "infantry support" loosely (hence the vagueness of his phrasing).

      It's not so much that any particular, formal units were assigned to the battery's aid. What's happening is that, as the CS infantry line to the north of them breaks, those troops fragment in a number of directions.

      Some, from a variety of commands, fall back on the next organized thing they come across in gray -- one of them being Miller's Battery.

      It's similar to D.H. Hill's counterattack shortly thereafter. Where did those few hundred men come from? Other than calling them "remnants of the division," there's no way to put a definitive unit designation to the body.

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