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6036Re: [TalkAntietam] re Carman and designations of troops

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  • Dave
    Jan 2 12:51 PM
      Gerry, having played this game years ago, the developers probably
      resorted to labeling troops "crack" or "green" based on their historical
      performance during the actual battle, and the particular weight they
      wanted to give to each unit. In all these games, the more experienced
      units will rally faster, become less fatigued, be less apt to break and
      run, and so on. They wanted to reflect this in the game. Couldn't very
      well have the Iron Brigade lose cohesion at the first shots, even though
      that could have historically happened based on their limited battle
      experience. All wargames use this technique, afaik.

      Dave McGowan

      G E Mayers wrote:
      > Dean,
      > Something else you might find interesting... if you look at the
      > OOB list given at the back of the Murfin book, I think you will
      > find it pretty much matches what is supposedly the work of Sid
      > Meier for the Antietam game.
      > Yr. Obt. Svt.
      > G E "Gerry" Mayers
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      > > On Jan 2, 2010, at 2:33 PM, G E Mayers wrote:
      > >
      > >> That very well might be true. However, Harsh did develop an
      > >> OOB
      > >> for ANVa which is probably more accurate than anything else
      > >> out
      > >> there.
      > >>
      > >
      > > No argument with Harsh, my comments have only been directed at
      > > the
      > > website's OOB. Harsh's work is the gold standard, only beat by
      > > Carmen
      > > himself.
      > >
      > > Unless I'm mistaken, that same OOB showed up a year or so ago
      > > on the
      > > list, I think Tom Shay provided the link and we concluded the
      > > categories given were not from Carmen, but from the computer
      > > game.
      > >
      > > Dean
      > >
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