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602nd MD (US) Question (was: thanks)

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  • Brian Downey
    May 1, 2001
      > PLEASE stop talking about the other group...<snip>

      It's a done deal. For Jim and others: don't worry, this subj is

      While I'm posting, may I impose on the collective brain for help with
      a question I received? A web visitor wrote:


      I am looking to see if the 2nd Maryland Infantry was engaged at
      My ancestor's family was in this unit. I would like to know if
      the handed down stories are true. He and his brother supposedly laid
      down under a fallen tree with their fallen comrades and played dead
      until the confederates had passed by. This story has been handed down
      for many years and generations. Maybe the past is best left
      unchanged, but being a reenactor, I would like to know the closest
      thing to the truth. Thank you for anything that you can give me...


      Anybody know about the 2nd MD (US) specifically, or whether this kind
      of thing was likely? Sounds a little fanciful to me, but then that
      day must have been a nightmare for lots of men.


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