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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Nov 21, 2009
      As everyone knows, the Confederates consisted of Robert E. Lee and a
      one-armed orderly, arrayed against 750,000 fresh, well trained, and battle
      hardened Union troops. Photos of supposed Confederate dead were
      manufactured by George McClellan later to hide the fact that Lee and his
      batman killed 150,000 Federal troops, and wounded another 200,000. The two
      left the field in a buggy, Lee shooting a moon the whole way. McClellan saw
      it all through a glass (and darkly), but was too busy plotting to become
      President - and hating his mother despite an Oedipal complex - to bother
      pursuing. See "Landscape Turned Red" page beginning to page end.

      Hope this helps!


      (Welcome, by the way)

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      hello new to the group, i am someone who likes history, especially the civil
      war and wanted to chat with anyone about antietam, my question is how many
      confederates were in the sunken road and what commander did they belong to?
      the confederates did well at antietam considering they were outnumbered. i
      haveseen pictures in books of the sunken road with confederate dead. hope to
      hear from someone. bob hellmers

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