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5956Re: [TalkAntietam] For Stephen Recker

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  • Stephen Recker
    Nov 6, 2009
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      That display was actually put together by Elizabeth Howe who works at
      the library. I loaded her some images/info. Credit where it's due ;-)

      The stereoview is of E.M. Recher. He is a Hagerstown photographer who
      had a studio here on the square as early as 1855. His early stereoview
      of the Bloody Lane, showing the Lowman cabin, has been a topic of
      discussion here of late. My guess has always been that he started
      taking his stereoviews around 1877.

      He took a stereoview of the Washington House before it burned in 1879,
      and a whole series of the Western Maryland Railroad and Penmar and High
      Rock (which became prominent around 1879). He also took stereoviews of
      the dedication of Simon's monument in the National Cemetery (1880).
      Tipton was taking stereoviews at Antietam in 1877, and it's my guess
      that Recher heard about it and bought some stereo equipment and took
      the first known views outside the cemetery sometime shortly after.
      Before that he was taking CDVs in his Sky-Light Gallery on the square
      here in Hagerstown.

      If you say his dress is war-time, that's interesting. Maybe he was out
      of style.

      We need to call Bill Frasanito to figure out where that photo of Recher
      with his wagon was taken. Heck, there's at least one tree in the view.
      Should make it easy.


      On Thursday, November 5, 2009, at 12:05 PM, jeffcowvplanning wrote:

      > �
      > Steve...
      > Saw your display at the Washington County Library.
      > The stereocard of the photographer wagon that was from the collection
      > of the Historical Society....do you estimate the date on that?
      > By the clothing on the guy in the pic, it looks Civil War to me. What
      > do you know about that photographer (his name escapes me at the
      > moment).
      > Thanks.
      > Steve Bockmiller

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