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5899Re: [TalkAntietam] Auto v. Antietam Monument

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  • Thomas Clemens
    Oct 19, 2009
      I don't know, maybe I'll ride home that way and look, was too late to do so this morning. Usually there is little $ to replace such things but maybe insurance coverage, etc. can replace it. It honors Lt. Chamberlayne (6th VA, I think) and some infantryman who fired a cannon at Second Corps advance from the Sunken Road. It appeared mysteriously one day in the early 1900's, and that's all I remember without looking it up.

      >>> Dean Essig <d.essig@...> 10/19/2009 7:59 AM >>>


      Saw the videotape, but have you seen the damaged monument in
      person... is it readily salvageable?

      Obviously, the driver is not, here's hoping the passenger comes through.


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