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5886Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: 124th PA and the Hagerstown Pike fence

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  • Stephen Recker
    Oct 18, 2009
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      Thanks. See my notes. Comments welcome.

      On Saturday, October 17, 2009, at 08:13 PM, gtmcftsotcwgrad wrote:

      > Stephen,
      > I checked the ORs (just on the very off chance that you hadn't...) and
      > read through the pertinent reports, but I only found scant references
      > to any fences. In Maj. Haldeman's report, the regiment did advance to
      > "the fence," but it doesn't give many details:
      > On reaching the extreme edge of the wood on the east side of the
      > corn-field, our line was formed and stationed in a position behind the
      > fence.

      (I think this is a North Woods fence)

      > We were then ordered to advance, a portion of our right extending
      > across the road and beyond the grain stacks. We were led in line into
      > the corn-field about 20 paces, and ordered to halt, as we could not
      > distinguish our own troops. It is here our colonel was wounded. We
      > were then ordered to fall back to the edge of the corn-field and take
      > position behind the fence, which was done in good order.

      (I think this is is, but it is unclear)

      > We were again ordered to advance, when the right, advancing about 100
      > yards, received a raking fire from the enemy in the woods, which was
      > responded to by repeated volleys from our men, but the fire from our
      > left and the battery of the enemy on the right compelled us to again
      > fall back to the stacks. A battery now planted on the hill between the
      > wood and the corn-field and opposite the stacks, this portion of our
      > right was ordered to its support. The balance of the regiment followed
      > up the advance through the corn-field, making many successful charges
      > upon the enemy, until they were also ordered back to the support of
      > the battery.
      > Maj. I.J. Haldeman
      > O.R.s Vol. XIX, Part I, page 491.

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