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588Re: [TalkAntietam] A soldier on Mac/9 month regiments

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  • NJ Rebel
    Mar 31, 2002

      Was there not a case of one of the ninth month units "refusing"
      to fight at Chancellorsville because their enlistment would be up
      very, very soon? But they were "made" to fight?

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      Gerry Mayers
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      Fourth Regiment, Texas Volunteer Infantry

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      "I know of no fitter resting-place for a soldier than the field
      on which he has nobly laid down his life." --General Robert
      Edward Lee

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      > In a message dated 3/31/02 9:57:55 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > awturner@... writes:
      > > .<< There were 11 or so such PA regiments recruited for 9
      months in
      > > response to Old Abe's call for "300,000 more." There was
      much dickering
      > > about the term of service between Stanton's and Gov.
      Curtin's offices
      > > before deciding on the 9-month term. Later on, nine months
      grew closer to
      > > ten -- at least for the 132nd -- for reasons I'm not sure
      > >
      > > The 9-month Pennsylvanians had it easy, so to speak -- just
      > > Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. :-)>>
      > >
      > Actually there were 16, 9 month regiments from PA. The 9
      months was used as
      > a fear factor - join for 9 months before the draft is
      implemented - who knows
      > how long you will be in, that kind of thing. But it was by
      no means
      > getting away easy for the 9 month guys - especially those who
      were killed at
      > Antietam. Their baptism by fire became their first and last
      battle, to
      > include the Colonel of the 128th, Samuel Croasdale.
      > Also, many of those who fought with 9 month units signed up
      again , to
      > include James Magill, whose letter I quoted from. The Captain
      of Co. F,
      > Christian Frankenfield enlisted 4 different times. Don't
      assume that most of
      > the men who signed up for 9 months were taking the "easy" way
      out. Most who
      > survived, reenlisted. I have found in my research that many
      signed up
      > because of recruitment in the area, 9 months just happened to
      be what it was
      > at the time.
      > For those in the XII corps, they missed Fredericksburg - got
      there too late.
      > So the 124th, 125th and 128th only fought in 2 battles,
      Antietam and
      > Chancellorsville.
      > Paula
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