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587Re: [TalkAntietam] A soldier on Mac/9 month regiments

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  • Pa128th@aol.com
    Mar 31, 2002
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      In a message dated 3/31/02 11:30:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, awturner@... writes:

      If I hit a nerve here, Paula, that was not my intent and I apologize.  I meant it facetiously when I wrote: "The 9-month Pennsylvanians had it easy, so to speak...:-) " I doubt that a single one of those 12-15,000 guys processed through Camp Curtin in August, 1862, actually thought he was having it easy or was headed toward a soft tour of duty.

      Thanks for your concern Tony.   I have been hit with that before.  It is just that quite a few of these 9 month men were the first to sign up for the 90 day enlistments, such as Croasdale and Frankenfield, but yet they came back for 9 more months and as I mentioned, Frankenfield enlisted 2 more times after the 128th.  Croasdale, as I mentioned was killed in the early stages of the battle.  In fact, the spot where he was killed is referred to as Croasdale's Knoll.  Mentioned in soldiers' letters, as many refer to LRT at Gettysburg.  The assumption was that everyone knew where they meant.


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