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  • edunleavy921
    Jun 23, 2009
      For Immediate Release – June 23, 2009
      Shepherdstown, West Virginia

      For more information, contact:
      Edward E. Dunleavy
      Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association Inc.
      (917) 747 - 5748


      The Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association Inc. (SBPA) has established a Historical Advisory Board (HAB). Edward E. Dunleavy, President of SBPA, announced today the establishment of the HAB. Dunleavy stated that "the HAB was organized by Dr. Peter Carmichael, the West Virginia University (WVU) Eberly Professor of Civil War Studies. The Board of Directors of SBPA and its more than 130 members wish to thank Dr. Carmichael for his effort. The HAB includes many of today's most respected scholars and Civil War historians."

      Dr. Carmichael stated that "the outpouring of support from the academic community in forming a Historical Advisory Board attests to the undeniable historic importance of the Battle of Shepherdstown. Among the scholars who have joined the board, all are recognized experts in the field of Civil War history, and many have received national attention for their work, including James McPherson, Gary W. Gallagher, Elizabeth Pryor, and William Link. Their support of the Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association is indispensable to saving what they uniformly believe is sacred historical ground."

      Dunleavy added that "importantly West Virginia is well represented on the HAB with Civil War historians from WVU, Marshall University and Shepherd University. The HAB ensures that SBPA's portrayal of the Battle of Shepherdstown is historically accurate and we thank the members of the HAB for their participation."

      Members of the SBPA HAB are:

      Kevin T. Barksdale – Marshall University
      Stephen W. Berry II - University of Georgia
      Keith S. Bohannon - West Georgia State University
      Peter S. Carmichael - West Virginia University
      Thomas W. Cutrer - Arizona State University
      William C. Davis - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
      William W. Freehling – Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
      Gary W. Gallagher - University of Virginia
      Lesley Jill Gordon – University of Akron
      A. Wilson Greene – Petersburg, Virginia
      Clark B. Hall – Fairfax, Virginia
      Earl J. Hess – Lincoln Memorial University
      Caroline E. Janney - Purdue University
      Robert E. L. Krick – Richmond, Virginia
      Susanna Michele Lee – North Carolina State University
      William A. Link - University of Florida
      Thomas A. McGrath – North Country College
      James M. McPherson - Princeton University
      Frank A. O'Reilly – Fredericksburg, Virginia
      Elizabeth B. Pryor - Washington D.C
      George C. Rable – University of Alabama
      Gordon C. Rhea – Charleston, South Carolina
      Mark A. Snell - Shepherd University
      Susannah J. Ural – University of Southern Mississippi
      Joan Waugh – University of California, Los Angeles

      Biographies of members of the HAB are available on the SBPA website: www.battleofshepherdstown.org

      The Battle of Shepherdstown was fought on September 19 – 20, 1862 over approximately one square mile, east of what was then Shepherdstown, Virginia and south of the Potomac River and Boteler's (aka Packhorse) Ford. The battle was the last of three battles fought during the Army of Northern Virginia's (ANV) Antietam or Maryland Campaign. Approximately 9000 troops took part in the Shepherdstown battle with 677 casualties about equally divided between the Union Army of the Potomac and Robert E. Lee's troops. The battle's significance is that it was a contributing factor in Lee's decision to reverse the order to move north back into Maryland. As a consequence, the ANV retreated up the Shenandoah Valley toward Winchester. That retreat allowed the Union Army to declare a military victory and enabled President Abraham Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.

      The Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association Inc. (SBPA), organized in 2004, is a non-profit, Section 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving and preserving the site of the 1862 Battle of Shepherdstown. SBPA has preserved 84 acres by way of conservation easements granted by members who own property on the site. For more information and to purchase the book entitled: Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign September 19 – 20, 1862 ; please visit www.battleofshepherdstown.org