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  • Thomas Clemens
    May 24, 2009
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      Somewhere in the papers from Carman I found a listing of the changes.
      Will see if I can find it for you. We have 8 x10 color negatives of the
      1908 maps. Maybe I should look into printing them poster-size?

      Thomas G. Clemens D.A.
      Professor of History
      Hagerstown Community College

      >>> T.R.Livesey <tlivesey@...> 05/24/09 3:08 PM >>>

      I have never had access to a 1908 version to compare. My guess is that
      differences between the 2 are minor. A hint of possible changes can be
      from 1906 correspondence from Carman reprinted in the commemorative
      volume of the
      Pennsylvania Reserves (pp 95-8). There is a dispute between the Antietam
      Battlefield Commission of Pennsylvania and Carman about the proposed
      placement of
      the monuments for the 8th, 7th, 4th, and 3rd PR: they want the order to
      be 8th
      7th 4th and 3rd, whereas Carman's map shows 8th 3rd 4th 7th. After
      making his
      case, Carman laments : ”It is unfortunate that this matter was not
      earlier. My atlas has been published two years, and a copy sent to each
      regimental organization with the request that any apparent errors might
      reported, but not a criticism has been made of any position of the First
      and but one or two trifling ones in other corps.” I don't know if the
      edition was altered to reflect the commission's version. The monuments
      placed as per Carman's recommendation. Whatever the case, as late as
      1906, Carman
      was unaware of 'non-trifling' discrepancies of the 1904 version.

      BTW, the fold-out map that accompanies the PR volume is a real gem: a
      depiction of the battlefield at the turn of the century (before the
      bypasses were built) in color and wonderful topographical detail (20 ft
      contour lines). One of the nicest maps out there.

      T.R. Livesey

      On Sun 05/24/09 12:51 PM , "eighth_conn_inf" eighth_conn_inf@...
      > TR,
      > I looked at some of your flybys and they are interesting; thanks for
      > sharing them. I will be instructive to see what Stephen comes up with
      > Virtual Antietam.
      > I've never heard that anyone owns the 1908 CC version let alone
      listing the
      > differences between the two. Maybe Tom Clemens who is writing about
      > may have that version copied or at least talk about the differences. I
      > recall someone--Jake Pierro--mentioned that the LOC has both 1904 and
      > versions but only has the 1904 on its website.
      > Someday someone may have a good printing done of the the 1908 version
      > maybe even some done of some of the original prints of the OR maps but
      > guess is neither is likely to happen unless CWPT or some wealthy CW
      > ponies up the required funds since neither will be best sellers.
      > Larry

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