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  • Edward and Carol Dunleavy
    Apr 10, 2009
      David: In a word: none. These are two separate issues. However, now that The
      County Planning Commission has decided to file a petition with the West
      Virginia Supreme Court asking for a review of their prior decision, there is
      hope that the development will be either stopped or delayed. If the
      development can be delayed for a long time, the hope is that the Federal
      government will be able to eventually buy the property. Given the current
      condition in the County real estate market, the developer is unlikely to
      build for several years. -ED

      Please visit our website at: www.battleofshepherdstown.org

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      What affect will this news have on the ongoing problems with the current
      litigation over the housing development?

      David Lutton
      Hollidaysburg pa
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      Inc. - Press Release

      For Immediate Release - April 8, 2009
      Shepherdstown, West Virginia

      For more information, contact:
      Edward E. Dunleavy
      Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association Inc.
      (917) 747 - 5748


      Legislation introduced by Senator Robert C. Byrd was passed by both the
      United States Senate and House of Representatives and signed into law by
      President Obama on March 30, 2009. At a Senate hearing in 2008,
      representatives of the National Park Service spoke in support of Senator
      Byrd's proposed legislation. Included in the "Omnibus Public Land Management
      Act of 2009" was a section that could ultimately save and preserve the site
      of the 1862 Battle of Shepherdstown.

      Presented below is the section of the law that will begin the process that
      could lead to the Shepherdstown battlefield site into being included within
      either the boundary of the National Parks at Antietam or Harper's Ferry:

      (a) Special Resources Study- The Secretary of the Interior (referred to in
      this section as the `Secretary') shall conduct a special resource study
      relating to the Battle of Shepherdstown in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, to
      (1) the national significance of the Shepherdstown battlefield and sites
      relating to the Shepherdstown battlefield; and
      (2) the suitability and feasibility of adding the Shepherdstown
      battlefield and sites relating to the Shepherdstown battlefield as part of--
      (A) Harpers Ferry National Historical Park; or
      (B) Antietam National Battlefield.
      (b) Criteria- In conducting the study authorized under subsection (a), the
      Secretary shall use the criteria for the study of areas for potential
      inclusion in the National Park System contained in section 8(c) of Public
      Law 91-383 (16 U.S.C. 1a-5(c)).
      (c) Report- Not later than 3 years after the date on which funds are made
      available to carry out this section, the Secretary shall submit to the
      Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate and the Committee on
      Natural Resources of the House of Representatives a report containing the
      findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the study conducted under
      subsection (a).
      (d) Authorization of Appropriations- There are authorized to be
      appropriated such sums as are necessary to carry out this section.

      The Battle of Shepherdstown was fought on September 19 - 20, 1862 over
      approximately one square mile, east of what was then Shepherdstown, Virginia
      and south of the Potomac River and Boteler's (aka Packhorse) Ford. The
      battle was the last of three battles fought during the Army of Northern
      Virginia's (ANV) Antietam or Maryland Campaign. Approximately 9000 troops
      took part in the Shepherdstown battle with 677 casualties about equally
      divided between the Union Army of the Potomac and Robert E. Lee's troops.
      The battle's significance is that it was a contributing factor in Lee's
      decision to reverse the order to move north back into Maryland. As a
      consequence, the ANV retreated up the Shenandoah Valley toward Winchester.
      That retreat allowed the Union Army to declare a military victory and
      enabled President Abraham Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.

      The Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association Inc. (SBPA),
      organized in 2004, is a non-profit, Section 501(c)(3) organization dedicated
      to saving and preserving the site of the 1862 Battle of Shepherdstown. SBPA
      has preserved 84 acres by way of conservation easements granted by members
      who own property on the site. For more information and to purchase the book
      entitled: Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign September 19 -
      20, 1862 ; please visit www.battleofshepherdstown.org

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