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566Re: [TalkAntietam] Joseph L. Harsh's Books

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  • Tom Clemens
    Mar 15 7:44 PM
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      Joe Harsh is still in the process of writing, so it will be some time yet before
      anything appears. He is projecting five volumes at this time, subject to change
      of course. I am sure he will answer all of those questions and more.
      He relied on a few trusted commanders who, IMHO, let him down, principally
      Porter and Franklin. He thought a lot of Burnside, at least for a while, and
      was impressed with Hooker, even though Hooker bad-mouthed him, Mac recommeded
      him for a promotion.
      A lot of individual disccussions, but nothing like a preliminary briefing, a
      critical error that was repeated throughout theCivil War.
      I don't know, Joe might
      He thought he won, ie. Lee retreated abandoning wounded etc. Was pleased at
      fulfilling Lincoln's orders, and proud of his ersatz army.
      Joe will be far more detailed and eloquent.

      tony wrote:

      > Gerry, Tom, et. al...
      > Pardon my aging memory, but when is Dr. Harsh's anticipated publication date
      > for his next book on the battle, taken as I understand it from McClellan's
      > viewpoint?
      > Some questions I hope he gets into:
      > 1. Who of Mac's direct reports -- if any -- had his ear?
      > 2. What discussions did Mac have with his subordinates that have not
      > appeared in previous books about the battle?
      > 3. What were Mac's expressed expectations of the many spanking, new (green)
      > regiments the AoP had just acquired?
      > 4. What, if anything, might Mac have said about Lee, Jackson and
      > Longstreet -- their military mentalities and abilities -- before the battle?
      > 5. What did he write or say after the battle about the apparent failure of
      > the AoP to execute a coordinated attack as originally planned?
      > Tom, if you can answer these yourself and Dr. Harsh doesn't, maybe you
      > should write the book. :-)
      > Tony Turner
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