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5651Re: 14th Brooklyn-84th NY Infantry v. Rebel Cavalry

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Apr 1, 2009

      Thanks; I read about the Reb cav actions late on the 16th but did not find that any large mounted actions took place that day on the northern part of the field or anywhere else. It is clearly possible that the USSS experience was greatly embellished so Waud could come up with something interesting to draw.

      I just ordered a CD of the regimental history (hard copy too expensive); maybe that will have something but I still believe Waud used a lot of artistic license on that sketch and, for me, throws a bad light on the rest of his CW art. Still, I found several very usable ones to include with this one.


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Clemens" <clemenst@...> wrote:
      > Larry,
      > This is a real stretch but, for what it is worth, here goes. On the evening of the 16th the 2nd USSS was helping lead the 1st Corps into position in Poffenberger Woods area and a letter mentions fighting dismounted Reb cavalry. They are in the same brigade as the 14th Brooklyn. This is so "thin" that I hesitate to even mention it, but maybe like Barbara Fritchie, Waud could take an event and add to it to make it something it never was.
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