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5604Re: queston about parallel routes to HagerstownTurnpike north from Sharpsburg

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Mar 18, 2009
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      The "road" near New Industry according to the CC map peters out for a ways but there is a dotted line indicating at least a path. It heads more or less north then NE joining what is now the Taylor Landing Rd.It also continues splits to go north on what today is the Fairplay Rd. which joins Rt 63 (Spielman Rd) which joins Rt 65 a little to the east.

      I don't think any of Stuart's troopers got to Rt 63 on the 16th or 17th and probably not even the Keedysville-Williamsport Rd. If on the 17th Stuart could not get beyond the "Mercersville Bend" on the Potomac, he never got further north than todays Mondell road after reading about the artillery fight with the Unionists.

      Here is some material from Carman about the Jackson/Stuart effort on the 17th talking about the Cox farm, river road and New Industry.

      "LeeĀ… ordered an attack by Jackson on McClellan's right in order to relieve his center from the
      pressure of Richardson's attack and the threatening movement of Pleasonton on the Boonsboro
      and Sharpsburg Road, and Stuart was then massing cavalry, artillery, and infantry for that
      purpose....Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade was then in rear of Jackson's left and near it was the 7th
      Virginia Cavalry of Robertson's Brigade. Hampton's Brigade was brought from the right....
      when he [joined] Fitzhugh Lee had already massed three of his regiments at the Cox place, on
      the river road....Hampton formed on Fitzhugh Lee's right, under cover of Nicodemus Hill, upon
      which were several batteries of artillery, slightly withdrawn from the crest of the hill. In all
      Stuart had seven regiments of cavalry and nine guns from various batteries...supported by the
      48th North Carolina Infantry of Walker's Division. The advance was made about 3:00 p.m., the
      4th Virginia Cavalry leading. The column, starting from Cox's [house], passed up the road under
      cover of the high ground on its right until the advance reached New Industry (today Mondell),
      when it halted while the guns under Pelham, turning to the right and moving a short distance on
      the road leading to the Hagerstown Road at the toll-gate [today's Mondell Rd?}, turned to the left
      and went into position on the high ground nine hundred yards from and directly west of
      Doubleday's guns on Poffenberger Hill. Stuart's guns were greeted with such a heavy fire as they
      took position that they were quickly used up and forced to withdraw.... Branch's and French's
      guns went into position on Nicodemus Hill about the time Pelham's guns were driven off and
      were almost instantly silenced, losing many killed or wounded by Doubleday's guns, which
      turned savagely upon them.... Stuart, after halting the head of his column an hour or more,
      withdrew and gave up the intended movement on McClellan's right, and the entire force fell

      Union First Corps artillery was near Joseph Poffenberger's House and Nicodemus Hill on the afternoon of the 17th so is it more probable than Carman believes that this action took place on today's Mondell Road.

      Doesn't the CC map near the upper left margin shows the intersection of the Keedysville-Williamsport Road with the Hagerstown Pike north of the Schneibele house? The only tollhouse I see is on the LOC Michler map to the SW of the intersection of the Hagerstown Pike and today's Mondell Rd.

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      > OK, that was what I remembered. If they went to New Industry couldn't they confirm the river road was a viable route northard?
      > Yes, one of these days.
      > Thomas G. Clemens D.A.
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