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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Mar 9, 2009
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      I just received and looked thru "The Braddock expedition and Fox's Gap in Maryland" and it does help. The author shows that the road thru Fox's Gap and the road thru Orr's Gap predate the road thru Turner's Pass so the Dahlgren Rd could not be the earliest OHR. I guess at best it was an American Indian trail.

      He confirms that Orr's Gap is the one the interstate now goes thru. He also shows that "Fox's Gap" and the "Old Sharpsburg Rd" were the correct names during the CW and that Hill's, Stuart's, etc., references to Braddocks' Gap and Braddock's Rd was not in use by Maryland residents at that time. He also implies that the use of "Hamburg Gap" by Ripley et al during the CW was incorrect rather it was Orr's Gap unless my inference is wrong. He also shows that "Braddock's Gap" was used incorrectly for Orr's Gap.

      I will continue looking thru the book; it is somewhat difficult to easily parse as it contains a lot of original material including surveys and old letters. Another book by Mr. Older may help if anyone has it: "The Land Tracts of the Battlefield of South Mountain: Including Many Other Tracts near the Area from Land Records of Frederick County, Washington County and the Maryland Archives." Perhaps Mr. Older could speak at a SHAF event if he is available?

      Larry F.

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      > > Larry,
      > > Thank you for your work on this and your careful scrutiny of the maps. If, and it is an if, we assume that the OHR goes nowhere near Turner's Gap or Frosttown Gap, what do we do with Carman's statment. John Frye thinks what is Dahlgren Road now was the earliest crossing of the gap, and thus by default classifies as an OHR. But how did Carman know that, and ignore the other? WHere did the idea of this being OHR originate? Are we looking at another "Ripley and Hamburg Pass" situation?
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