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  • Dave
    Mar 5, 2009
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      A post from the Gettysburg Discussion Group, off-topic slightly, for
      anyone who might be interested in this:
      Dave McGowan

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      Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 16:37:26 EST
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      Subject: GDG- Of Possible Inteterest
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      Brent Nosworthy -- I am sure that some of you are familiar with his
      publications, has asked the following to be posted:
      I find myself forced to move back to New York to help take care of declining
      relative and will be faced with restricted space limitations. I must,
      therefore, sell off about 50% of a library. I think pound for pound by far and away
      the most interesting items I have to sell are the material contained in 7
      very ordinary looking binders.
      This represents about 15 years of research used to pen the Bloody Crucible
      of Courage and Roll Call to Destiny. This would be like ?Christmas in July?
      for anyone interested in Civil War tactics and fighting methods and its
      origins and probably could be the source of hundreds hours of fun and
      Binder 1 Pre-war Military Art and Sciences, includes:
      o Effectiveness of the Enfield weapons in India
      o Evolution of the American Civil War Infantry Tactics ? excerpts from
      Moseley?s PhD thesis
      o Rifled Ordnance
      o A Collection of Tactical Studies
      o The Prussian Infantry Column, Emory Upton
      o Much, much more
      Binder 2: Pre-war Military Art and Sciences, includes:
      * Modern Tactics article from Southern Literary Journal ? first
      extensive description of Zouve tactics in America (Jan 1858)
      * Extensive Excerpts from Delacroix?s report to Congress after Crimea
      * Extensive Excerpts from de Jomini?s The Art of War
      * Extensive Excerpts from Halleck?s Elements of Military art and
      * Excerpts from various regimentals and memoirs
      Binder 3: Pre-war Military Art and Sciences, includes:
      * Copies of all discussion of tactics, military art & science and
      weaponry in the Military Gazette (the official journal of the New York State
      Militia during 1858-61.
      * A System of for Considering Musketry Instruction prepared for Gen.
      Bragg,, 1863 (complete)
      * A system of Target Practice prepared largely from the French ? 1862
      * More
      Binder 4 Bull Run
      o Newspaper accounts of Bull Run from 1861
      o Copies of chapters on Bull Run from regimentals and memoirs
      Binder 5: Pre-civil War Ironclads , including:
      * Shot-Proof Gun-shields as adapted to Irion-cased ships (June 1860)
      * Iron-clad ships of War in 3 parts Blackwood?s Edinburgh Magazine,
      Nov. 1860
      * Articles from the Rhode Island Soldier and Sailors Association
      * A number of articles that appeared during 1870s and 80s about
      ironclads and their fights
      * Much, much, much more
      Binder 6: Copies of chapters from assorted regimentals and personal memoirs.
      Binder 7: Copies of chapters from assorted regimentals and personal memoirs.
      Unbound copies of material from assorted regimentals and personal memoirs.
      Anyone interested can contact me directly at: _Brentnose@..._
      (mailto:Brentnose@...) or (401) 467-4466
      I will consider any reasonable offer.

      Bruce Trinque
      Amston, CT