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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Mar 5, 2009

      I looked at the spot blown up on the LOC map and there appears to be an "H" just above the intersection just south of the name "Myersville." Below the intersection below a capital "M" looks like an "a." Further on down there is clearly an "rs" with the top half of a faint "e" in front of the "rs." Apparently the "g" got lost among the three buildings between the "a" and "e." The printed map surprisingly confirms this. Looking at GoogleEarth, the current Old Hagerstown Rd seems to follow the old one at least from the National Pike to Myersville.

      Since the only letter that is not identifiable is the "g" and we have all the rest, I agree that the 1858 Bond map shows that is the "Old Hagerstown Road." But for CW era names of other county roads, maybe there is someone at the Historical Society of Frederick County who is an expert or perhaps someone in Middletown? I have questions into MD DNR and other folks but no replies yet.

      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Clemens" <clemenst@...> wrote:
      > On the 1858 Isaac Bond map of Frederick County, (link provided by Larry & Steve, thank you) there is a road that intersects withte National Pike at Catoctin Creek west of Middletown. It head roughly northwest, passes west of Bealsville and runs through Myersville to the summit of South Mt. I can make out as a name of the road, look closely please, "Old" then a bit closer to Middletown "illegible - town" and then closer still to Middletown "Road" In modern terms the road I just described is labeled Old Hagerstown Road and runs into the Myersville road just short of Myersville. That is a long way away from what we now call Dahlgren road and what Carman called the Old Hagerstown Road. In short, I think Carman is wrong.
      > The problems are I do not know if (a) there might be more than one OHR in 1862; and (b) I do not know what to call Dahlgren road before it was given that name postwar; and (c) how can the OHR branch off at Bolivar if it is running from Middletown to Myersville? No label on the 1858 Bond map for modern Dahlgren or Mt. Tabor Church roads.
      > Hmm.
      > Thomas G. Clemens D.A.
      > Professor of History
      > Hagerstown Community College
      > >>> "eighth_conn_inf" <eighth_conn_inf@...> 03/05/09 9:25 AM >>>
      > Bill,
      > The atlas map, plate 27, 3, and the surveyed 1858 Frederick County map look to my old eyes as virtually identical. I can even see some of the name of families that are the same. I wonder when the atlas map was drawn, do you have any info--was it during the war or after?
      > I see that on the 1858 map the roads south of the National Pike where the Old Hagerstown are differently placed noticably from Bolivar on the National Pike to the Old Sharpsburg Rd and also the roadto the west south of the Pike. Apparenly there were road improvements between 1858 and when the atlas map was drawn as the newer map shows improved road alignments.
      > Also, the 1858 map shows "Bolivar" near Fox's Gap rather than on the National Pike--interesting. Bottom line is that there are two apparently good maps available for that area but for the slight changes that the four or five years brought.Did you have your atlas map enlarged or is it the same size as in the atlas?
      > Larry
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