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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Mar 4, 2009

      I just consulted my copy of the two original South Mountain maps that became the single plate for South Mountain reference in the OR Atlas (I had them made at the National Archives in the Eighties).

      Yes, the a road to the Mt. Tabor Church comes in to the National Pike at Bolivar. However, it is the Old Sharpsburg Road that leaves the National Pike at Catoctin Creek.

      There is a road from Frostown to the Mountain House (enters just below as Carman states). There is a road that goes north-northeast from Frostown that turns abruptly northwest and then again to the southwest. It goes to Zittlesville. From Frostown there is also a road that goes to the Mt.Tabor Church. At Mt. Tabor church this road (not the one to Bolivar) continues to the south east and eventually a branch to this road connects to the National Pike--also at Catoctin Creek by the Koogle farm. (east of the bridge). Perhaps this is where you made the connection to Catoctin Creek.

      I am not sure which combination of these roads (north of the National Pike) actually made up the Old Hagerstown Road in 1862. The Old Sharpsburg Road met the Bolivar Road at Menzer's saw mill and went up to Fox's Gap.

      Bill Christen

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      Tom wrote:
      It is my impression that Old Hagerstown Road left the National Road at Catoctin Creek west of Middletown. It is Mt. tabor Church that connects to Bolivar, isn't it? Anyone with old maps, can you confirm this? Also, the description of what is now the Dahlgren Road re-entering the National Road at the chapel seems wrong to me. I thought the Old Hag Rd went through Frosttown Gap and down through Zittlestown. Again, anyone with an old map, what does it show?

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