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5558Re: [TalkAntietam] re Rodes brigade at Sunken Road

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  • Dean Essig
    Mar 2, 2009
      On Mar 2, 2009, at 11:18 AM, G E Mayers wrote:

      > So why did Longstreet order the attack by Rodes?

      I can find nothing that explains Longstreet's thinking here (neither
      his report or memoirs mention the event at all). The presumption
      would be that the ridge the Union was fighting from looks to be
      better for the defense that the rather flat low area of the Sunken
      Road on that left flank.

      > Was this before the unfortunate incident with Col Lightfoot of
      > the Sixth Alabama? or after it?

      All of this must have happened before that.

      > Also, was this before the Irish
      > Brigade attack?

      Based on the maps in Unfurl those Colors, by the time the Irish had
      formed and were beginning their attack, the 14 CT had backed off and
      disengaged (10:30 am), my my guess is this occured before the Irish
      Brigade was involved.

      Also, that book does mention the assorted attacks out of the Sunken
      Road, but only in general terms and does not go into detail about the
      Confederates involved.


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