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5551Re: Hamburg Passes?

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Mar 2, 2009

      Thank you for your efforts. From what you found, looks like the gap 3
      miles north of Turner's Gap was called Orr's Gap which became Hamburg
      Pass thanks to Ripley et all during the CW. "Braddock's Gap" may
      have, over the years, referred to more than one gap?


      --- In TalkAntietam@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Recker <recker@...>
      > I don't really have time to get my head around all of this right
      > but will give you a taste.
      > Page 135: "A map, dated April 5, 1791, of the Road from
      > to Newcomber's Mill and Frederick County Line is in the Maryland
      > Archives. This map identifies Orr's gap as Braddock's Gap. Conrad
      > Hogmire, Daniel Winder and an unknown individual signed the map. It
      > show's John Orr's house about one mile northwest of the gap in
      > Mountain. Stull's appears near a bridge, about one mile from the
      > House in Elizabethtown [Hagerstown]. The map includes the courses
      > the route similar to a land tract record. However, these
      > are difficult to read.
      > The 1794 Dennis Griffith Map of Maryland shows a road from
      > towards South Mountain and the are of Turner's Gap. The map shows a
      > location entitled Orrs just northwest of the gap in the mountain.
      > seems probable a traveler from Frederick Town to Conococheague
      > [Williamsport] passing through Orr's Gap would pass through the
      > that became Hagerstown.
      > The Varle Map of 1808 show's Braddock's Gap on the old Hagerstown
      > from Frederick Town. This gap is also known as Orr's Gap."
      > These are snippets.
      > What I learned from this book is that, heading west on Alt40, just
      > before South Mountain, the Civil War roads turn left and right at
      > Bolivar Road and Mt. Tabor Road, respectively. The earlier roads
      > alt40 about a mile east of that spot, at Marker Road (the original
      > route to Fox's gap) and the Old Hagerstown Road (to the right).
      Pull up
      > Google and you can see all of these roads.
      > Stephen
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