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5329The Orbats at Antietam

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  • Bryn Monnery
    Feb 4, 2009
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      While doing some research on Antietam I've found that the commonly
      accepted orbats seem wrong, based on the orbats implemented a week
      later (Confederate, see Harsh) or a week earlier (Union, comfirmed
      from McClellans Report to the Secretary of War).

      Thus the organisations of the two armies at Antietam seem to be:


      Right Wing (Longstreet)
      DR Jones' Division
      Walker's Division (at the beginning, later attached to Jackson)
      Walton's Arty Bn
      Robertson's Cavalry Brigade

      Centre Wing (DH Hill)
      DH Hill's Division
      Longstreet's Division (RH Anderson)
      Cutt's Arty Bn
      HP Jones' Arty Bn

      Left Wing (Jackson)
      Jackson's Division
      Ewell's Division
      Hood's Division (attached from Longstreet)
      McLaws' Division (attached from DH Hill)
      SD Lee's Arty Bn
      Stuart with Fitz Lee's Brigade (the corps brigade) and Hampton's (DH
      Hill's Corps brigade, attached)

      AP Hill is still en route


      Right Wing (Burnside): 9th Corps and 5th Corps (only Sykes' Division
      initially, Morell's arrives later), Artillery Reserve is attached.

      Centre Wing (Franklin): 6th Corps (arrives very late in the day) and
      4th Corps (only one division, absent masking Harper's Ferry)

      Left Wing (Sumner): 1st, 2nd and 12th Corps, and Cavalry Division

      NB: The Wing structure *is* still in use at Antietam.

      Any thoughts?

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