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5286Re: [TalkAntietam] re Sorrel's wounding at Antietam and "Battery Longstreet"

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  • DPowell334@AOL.COM
    Jan 9, 2009
      When I write, I like to take note of such inconsistencies, either in a
      footnote or in the text itself. I might still use the quote, but with a caveat.

      It also gives you the chance to check on the historical accuracy of the
      original observer - could he see what he said he saw?

      That's the historian's job, to sort out the wheat from the chaff. I know I
      can string together dozens of quotes from other battles that directly
      contradict each other - but that would make for a very confusing narrative.

      Dave Powell

      In a message dated 1/9/2009 11:33:33 A.M. Central Standard Time,
      d.essig@... writes:

      While that might be the case, it could also be an exaggeration
      written by the historical observer instead.

      I'm not big on Priest's books, but I wouldn't be too quick to drop
      this at his feet.

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