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5230Re: [TalkAntietam] Sharpsburg Enterprise

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  • Stephen Recker
    Dec 8, 2008
      Exciting stuff. Congrats. How does one get to read your award-winning


      On Monday, December 8, 2008, at 01:22 PM, Adam Zimmerli wrote:

      > Hello, all.
      > It's been quite a while since I have posted on here, but I always enjoy
      > reading everyone's comments and questions. I finally have a question of
      > my own for the group, though!
      > In Ernst's Too Afraid to Cry, she mentions the Sharpsburg Enterprise as
      > a wartime newspaper in the town. I've since spoken to Kathleen about
      > it,
      > and she was unable to find where the Enterprise is kept, either in
      > original form or on microfilm. I talked to Ted Alexander about it, and
      > while he was able to furnish some photocopies of the Antietam Wavelet
      > and the Antietam Valley Review, he didn't know where I could find the
      > Enterprise. Anyone have any ideas? I wrote my MA on Antietam and the
      > post-war commemoration (just won the best graduate thesis for the
      > '07-'08 academic year, if I don't say so myself), but I never came
      > across any other references or copies of that newspaper.
      > Thanks for any help that may come.
      > Adam Zimmerli
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