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5213Re: Fw: Question regarding McElfresh Antietam maps

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  • Brian Richardson
    Nov 30, 2008
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      Gerry -

      That same 0830 Carman map shows the regiments of Evans's brigade
      scattered between the Piper and Sherrick farms. The 18th SC was
      posted south of and parallel to the Piper farm lane just east of the
      Piper house. The 22nd SC was at the northwestern base of the hill
      where Mountain View Cemetery now is, and the 23rd SC was to the west
      of that cemetery with its right resting on the Boonsboro Pike. The
      17th SC and the Holcombe Legion were on the west side of the Sherrick
      farm lane with the Legion generally between the Sherrick and Stone
      Mill orchards and the 17th adjacent to them to the north.

      There was also a body of troops that formed a picket line east of the
      Sherrick farm lane in front of where the National Cemetery now is -
      the same general area taken by some of Sykes's regulars later in the
      day. This was a detachment of 85 to 100 men from GT Anderson's
      brigade that were left behind when that Anderson's brigade was moved

      All the best,


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      > Brian and Stephen,
      > According to maps in Joe Harsh's Taken at the Flood, Evans'
      > independent brigade also was posted in the same general area, at
      > least until the morning of September 17th IIRC. Is this correct?
      > If so, where were the members of Evans' Brigade posted if G B
      > Anderson also was posted along the Sunken Road juncture with the
      > Boonsborough Turnpike???
      > Yr. Obt. Svt.
      > G E "Gerry" Mayers
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      > >> Brian,
      > >
      > > Thanks.
      > >
      > > There's a new book coming out this month about the 4th NC:
      > > Confederate
      > > Correspondent: The Civil War Reports of Jacob Nathaniel Raymer,
      > > Fourth
      > > North Carolina by Jacob Nathaniel Raymer
      > >
      > > Seems to me I saw a book about the 4th NC a while back but can
      > > not
      > > remember the title.
      > >
      > > Stephen
      > >
      > >>
      > >> The 0830 map shows GB Anderson's brigade straddling the
      > >> Boonsboro
      > >> Pike just to the east of and generally parallel to the Sunken
      > >> Road
      > >> where it borders the triangular plot of land.
      > >>
      > >> Hope this helps.
      > >>
      > >> Brian Richardson
      > >
      > >
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