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52Re: Booting Out

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  • scotty90900@cs.com
    Apr 29, 2001
      From your main page:
      This is not meant as a 'gossip' board or chat room, and is not the
      place for very much off-topic discussion. Please use private email,
      a telephone, or snail-mail for that.

      How do you describe this? Is this person able to reply to defend

      Not my type of group.

      --- In TalkAntietam@y..., "Rawlings, Kevin" <kevin.rawlings@s...>
      > Better be careful, he may hook you here for being off topic, what
      ever that
      > is according to rules of Vernon. Figured he would not have much of
      a group
      > left once he finished culling everyone from the list despite his
      > protestation to the contrary ("There are still 200 or more members
      after I
      > banish a few rotten apples!"). I will post no more on this subject
      > this. A new and civilized day has dawned! Even though I survived
      Three Mile
      > Vernon Muster III. :>)
      > Kevin
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      > From: Ray Ortensie [mailto:photoray@p...]
      > Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 9:33 AM
      > To: TalkAntietam@y...
      > Subject: [TalkAntietam] Booting Out
      > HEY! I haven't been excommunicated yet. I'm trying to see how
      long I can
      > last on there. The way the Nazi is running things I should be out
      of there
      > by the end of the day. I am going to gradually keep sending off
      topic stuff
      > (junk email that I get and talk on everything but Antietam) just
      to, excuse
      > my language, piss him off. He's really acting like a total ass and
      > there has been a mass exodus from the group. Maybe he will wake up
      in 21st
      > century America and realize what he is doing? Who knows?
      > Ray
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