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5184Arms of the Union Cavalry

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  • Rob & Patti Erickson
    Nov 20, 2008
      Esteemed members, I am looking for information about which of the
      Union cavalry units at Antietam were armed with carbines (in whole or
      in part) and , if so, with which type(s):

      8th IL Cavalry

      12th IL Cavalry

      Schambach's IL Cavalry

      3rd IN Cavalry

      1st ME Cavalry

      1st MA Cavalry

      1st MI Cavalry

      1st NY Cavalry

      2nd NY Cavalry

      6th NY Cavalry

      8th NY Cavalry

      3rd Independant Company, Ohio Cavalry

      3rd PA Cavalry

      4th PA Cavalry

      6th PA Cavalry

      8th PA Cavalry

      12th PA Cavalry

      15th PA Cavalry

      1st U. S. Cavalry

      4th US Cavalry

      5th US Cavalry

      6th US Cavalry

      Gilmore's WV Cavalry Company

      Harrison's WV Cavalry Company

      Thank you in advance,

      Rob Erickson
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