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  • G E Mayers
    Nov 14 4:34 PM
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      I have a couple of pertinent questions relating to not only the
      field of battle but where the ANVa encamped after retreating back
      into Virginia following Shepherdstown.

      First, was Evans' Independent Brigade encamped near the original
      position of G B Anderson's NC Brigade, particularly from 15
      September through the early morning of 17 September?

      Second, Roger Pryor's brigade (Pryor resigned his commission as a
      Brigadier shortly after Sharpsburg) at Sharpsburg consisted of
      the Fourteenth Alabama, Third Virginia as well as the Second,
      Fifth and Eighth Florida regiments. Was the brigade kept intact
      following Sharpsburg and during the army reorganization or, if
      not, where did the regiments ultimately wind up (that is, under
      whose divisional and corps command)?

      Third, where did D H Hill's division finally camp after the
      retreat back into Virginia and after Shepherdstown? In
      particular, where did the NC Brigade formerly commanded by G B

      Thanks to all for their help!

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

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