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5138Sept 18 Truce

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  • Dave
    Oct 6, 2008
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      Thanks for all the responses to my questions about tactical movements.
      I will get Carman and just keep studying the maps.

      Thanks also to Brian for the Shepherdstown ford pictures and research.
      Excellent work.

      On the topic of O. Norton, I was reading one of his letters home where
      he said the truce of the 18th allowed the ANV time to pack up and
      prepare to escape. I also read this charge in another letter
      (soldierstudies.org). Harsh states that there was no official truce.
      Hancock writes in the OR that there was an unofficial truce made between
      the pickets that allowed some retrieval (presumably on both sides) and
      that Hancock had himself rejected a truce flag, and had even fired on
      and captured some ANV under a truce flag.

      Why would a truce be rejected? Were there any official truces at all on
      any parts of the field?

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