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4978Re: [TalkAntietam] Re:Crossing the river at Shepherdstown

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  • Ian Workman
    Aug 28, 2008
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      The building that you speak of is closer to trough rd. That was built right
      after the civil war. The one that I am speaking of was between there and the
      mill on the side of the road with the bluffs. There is nothing left of it
      anymore except for a few bricks and the large stone which was under the
      front door. There is very little pottery in the area which may mean that it
      was reserved for paperwork. Also, the amount of glass that came out of there
      meant that the building more than likely had windows on all four sides. This
      building was approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. It is across the little gully
      where the single furnace was.

      By the way, here is a little tidbit about the other set of furnaces. Today
      there stands six of them all side by side. During the battle only the three
      on the left were there. If you are looking at them from the river you can
      tell which ones they are. The one on the far right was used to take cover
      from Federal shells which were falling short and hitting their own men.
      These were 3" Hotchkiss shells, 12lb caseshot, and 20lb. Parrot Shells.
      (most of them were hotchkiss though. The one is the middle was also used to
      take cover by another member of the 118th Pa. A shell went directly into
      that entrance and blew him to pieces. What an awful way to go.

      On 8/28/08, david lutton <dunkerch@...> wrote:
      > Ian,
      > Is the mill office you referred to down the road on the opposite side of
      > the street from the mill itself? If not can you tell me what that structure
      > was used for? Several years ago I was 'milling' around the area and went
      > inside what was left of the building. If my memory serves me well there were
      > some civil war period graffiti on the walls.
      > David Lutton
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