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  • jeffcowvplanning
    Aug 28, 2008
      Ladies and Gentlemen...

      This is a little off the Antietam topic, but does have to deal with
      the Civil War in Washington County, MD. I write wearing my work
      hat....as a City Planner for the City of Hagerstown.

      We are working on installing some "Civil War Trails" interpretive
      markers, like the ones you see with historic information on them at
      National Parks. We are installing 8 markers to mark the homes of
      prominent Civil War figures who lived in Hagerstown.

      One of the homes is of Assistant Surgeon Edward Kershner, who was the
      second to last man to abandon the USS Cumberland as it sank at
      Hampton Roads; victim of the CSS Virginia. In his retirement years,
      he lived on Oak Hill Avenue in the north end of Hagerstown.

      I have found an OUTSTANDING painting of the sinking of the
      Cumberland, completed last year by the artist James Gurney. It can be
      viewed at Gurney's blog at the following link:


      Page down about 80 percent of the way to the bottom, to his entry
      from March 8, 2008.

      This is by far the most compelling painting of the event ever done.
      We would love to use it on the interpretive exhibit, but his fee is
      not in the budget provided by a State grant to allow its use.

      Mr. Gurney is willing to reduce his normal royalty payment for its
      use from $500 to $300. I am looking around to see if I can find
      donors to cover the remaining $300. To date, I have collected $140
      from friends in my USS Constellation living history organization.

      Can I find a few $20-$50 donors to make up the difference to fund
      Hagerstown's use of this painting in memory of Surgeon Kershner? You
      would be giving the money to a government (City of Hagerstown) so
      your contribution would be tax deductible, and a letter would be
      provided for your tax records.

      Please respond to my work email at sbockmiller at hagerstownmd dot
      org to let me know if you are willing to lend a small hand in our

      Otherwise, I will just need to pick one of the existing illustrations
      in the collection of the Naval Historical Center, which we have all
      seen before, which will only cost $10 for the print.

      Thanks for listening. Hopefully we can collect the remaining fee and
      significantly upgrade this exhibit and properly interpret Kershner's
      service and experience.


      Stephen R. Bockmiller, AICP
      Development Review Planner/Zoning Administrator
      City of Hagerstown, MD
      City Hall, Room 400
      1 East Franklin Street
      Hagerstown, MD 21740
      301-739-8577 x 139