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4920RE: [TalkAntietam] Re: Confederate Veteran magazine

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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Aug 8 7:09 AM
      Larry, if I'm not mistaken Confederate Veteran magazine is available on CD
      at a fraction of what you'd pay for the bound volumes.


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      If they published the magazines from 1893-1932 then the UCV is the
      group. Are you saying they consist of materials written by
      participants/observers rather than just LC rantings? I'm just not
      sure spending that amount of money is worthwhile for just one or two
      quotes but if they are a goldmine for good research then the cost is


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      > Dear Larry,
      > Do you mean the magazine published by the United Confederate
      > Veterans?
      > If so, there is a bit of "Lost Cause" writing in its varied pages
      > but also a lot of very good and useful information.
      > Like any other primary source, you have to take what you read
      > with a little grain of salt. If the information can be
      > corroborated independently of Confederate Veteran and checks out,
      > then the account may be considered having greater weight.
      > Hope this helps!
      > Yr. Obt. Svt.
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      > Subject: [TalkAntietam] Confederate Veteran magazine
      > Does anyone have an opinion on the value of the old Confederate
      > Magazine for research purposes? From time to time reprinted sets
      > come
      > up for sale usually for a few hundred dollars. Are there useful
      > articles in them or are they mostly full of Lost Cause writings?
      > Thank you,
      > Larry

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