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  • Tom Clemens
    Jan 21, 2002
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      Dear Group,
      I need some last minute help so I will turn this into a trivia scavengr
      hunt. See bottom for the prizes. If anyone can provide any of the
      following information I would be most grateful. For all of these I need not
      only the information, but full bibliographic info on where you find it.
      Warning: most of this is very obscure!

      1. I need a mini biography, birth & death dates, residence, occupation, etc.

      Lt. John Meighan, 2nd South Carolina Cav.
      E. G. Kilbourn, Speaker of the House of Delegates, MD 1861
      Julius A. Dargan, member of Secession COnvention in South Carolina
      Reuben H. Walworth, New York politician, spoke at Albany convention
      James S. Thayer, from Hoosick Falls, NY. Delegate to Dem. Nat'l. Conven.
      G.F.R. Henderson, Jackson's British biogrpaher, might be in reprint into?
      Lord Lyons, British ambassador to US during the war
      W. D. Kelly, Congressman from PA(?) during the war, wrote a book about
      Lincoln & Stanton
      Wm. H. Powell, author of Fifth Army Corps, again might be in intro to the

      2. Also need complete text of A.H. Stephens "cornerstone" speech, on-line and
      searchable would be great.

      Source for boast by Robert Toombs early in the war that he would "call the
      role of my slaves at the base of the Bunker Hill monument"

      Source for a letter from Napoleon III to Gen. (O.S.) Ferry, July 3, 1862.
      (Not in OR or Naval OR)

      Source for a quotation from Napoleon Bonaparte: When King Jossph wrote to
      Napoleon that he could not ascertain the position and strength of the enemy
      army, Napoleon replied "Why don't you attack him and find out?"

      First person to get all these to me wins a copy of my dissertation, second
      place is two copies!!!
      Thanks all!
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